We are doing a benefit for the Historic Downtown Belton, and we need your talent. 

We will give you the 8x8 canvas (for a $5.00 deposit, that will be refunded when you deliver your art to us), then you give us permission to sell your art for $20.00 at a fall event (to be announced), to benefit downtown Belton.

Canvases can be picked up and delivered to THAT ART PLACE at 108 Lake Rd., Belton.


You know there's an artist in you...and here's your chance to express that talent.  Everyone is invited to participate.

You create (CRE8) your art piece, and when you turn in your masterpiece you will be refunded your $5.00 deposit, and you give us permission to sell your art to an admirer during a fall event to be held in October.


Click on this link for the information and registration.

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Calling all Artists!